Home automation

Home automation systems vary in complexity from the simple; which allows pre-programmed light dimming combinations to be selected instantly by selecting a desired pre-setting (instead of dimming lights individually to create an ambiance, one button alters the lighting and transforms the mood of your home) to the very complex; which can almost integrate all the items listed below into one control system. In ‘smart homes’ any number of sensors and controllers can be connected to interact, thus making the home seem ‘intelligent’.


      • Interface directly with security cameras.
      • Remotely view videos and alarms at your own convenience.
      • Automatic lighting control – responding to alarm conditions.
      • Shutters and blinds control.
      • Double communication, ensuring alarm condition reports are transmitted to security company/armed response and owner via telephone, GSM and fixed line.
      • View status of security at all times on a digital representation of the premises, with simple arming of your alarm system via remote control.
      • Intelligent interpretation of security signals.
      • Can be integrated with other automated systems. Lighting and power outlets (plugs).
      • Control and monitor mains voltage.
      • Automate lights for mood control (dimming and switching) or deactivate during the day or if no movement is detected for long periods of time.
      • Can remotely turn on specific fixed appliances, e.g. geyser.
      • Monitor plug points drawing excessive amps for long periods of time.


      • Interface directly with television and radio stations, DVD’s, etc.

Climate Control

      • Monitor and regulate air conditioning to keep a constant, comfortable temperature throughout the house.
      • Monitor and control underfloor heating.


      • Irrigation – set individual timing as required by each irrigation station or valve.
      • Schedule an irrigation sequence that will execute depending on integrated weather information considering rainfall, outdoor temperatures and soil moisture content.
      • Control swimming pool functions such as automated pool covers, chlorine testing and dispensing, filtering, lighting, temperature etc.
      • Control outdoor lighting.


      • Heat up towel rails.
      • Air extraction.
      • Jacuzzi control.

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