Guide to Luminaires

Luminaires Guide

Users have an endless choice of suitable luminaires (light fittings) for lighting interior and exterior areas. While product safety is important, so is the creation of a safe and attractive lighting installation that allows occupants to move around safely and perform their tasks efficiently.
Since the safety of products and their reliability are fairly clearly defined in standards and specifications, these can be determined through suitable testing and inspection. Although a luminaire’s photometric performance, its utilisation of light, its energy efficiency and lamp efficacy are often more difficult to determine, these are also important aspects to consider.
Choice of decorative luminaires is frequently based on the aesthetic appearance of the luminaire without any consideration of the light distribution and effectiveness of the light emitted from the luminaire. Light distribution and luminaire appearance should fit the environment and the application and these are based on personal preference, however, the advice of professional lighting designers is often required.

Download the guide here: Safehouse_Luminaires Guide