Guide to LED Lighting

LED Lighting Guide

With the rapid change from traditional lamp types to more efficient LED (light emitting diode) lighting and the large variety of lighting products available, the selection of suitable LED light sources (lamps) and LED luminaires (light fittings) for lighting interior and exterior areas, offers the consumer many choices.
Product branding, where importers have the ability to mark products with the brand names of their choice, complicates the issue as it is difficult to evaluate such brands based on past experience with products from the same manufacturer. Although products from leading lighting companies are readily available and are supported by extensive research and product development programmes, the market offers a multitude of LED product brands. The suppliers of many of these products make optimistic claims of light output and product life expectancy.
While product safety is very important, the reliable performance of the LED light source and luminaire are essential for a good lighting installation; one that will allow occupants to move around safely and perform tasks efficiently. The safety requirements for LED lamps and luminaires are fairly clearly defined in standards and specifications and can be determined through suitable testing and inspection. The luminaire and light source performance and lifetime reliability are more difficult to determine and require extensive and costly testing.

Download the guide here: Safehouse_LED Lighting Guide

Guide To LEDs