Your trusted port of call for

safe electrical products and services.

Safehouse is a non-profit organisation that protects South African businesses and people from preventable harm caused by unsafe electrical products and services.

Safehouse your trusted port of call for safe electrical products and services

Consumers should be able to trust that their electrical products are safe.

But the reality is that the South African market is rife with untrustworthy products, services and contractors who don’t adhere to local or global safety compliance standards. And that puts so much of value at risk. People’s lives, their homes, their businesses. The viability of good, honest companies who are repeatedly undercut by dishonest players who don’t respect the rules.

We believe it’s time for the electrical industry to step up and protect South African lives and livelihoods. Safehouse was born to do just that.

A Safehouse product is a safe product

The Safehouse mark stands for absolute adherence to the highest electrical safety standards.

In order to qualify as a custodian of this mark, Safehouse members must commit to random product testing, self-regulation and unwavering safety standards.

It’s this single-minded focus on protecting people and the integrity of our industry that makes a Safehouse member worthy of our mark.

What we do for our members:


Discounted rates on professional testing and advice services, with in-house technical support free of charge.

Self-regulation Guidance

We facilitate every aspect of your journey to self-regulate.

Solving Problems

We work with industry bodies to lobby government to address issues that affect the prosperity of our member’s organisations.


Promotion of your brand to the industry and our customer bases, which include end consumers, contractors, developers and insurers.

Industry Surveillance

We survey the industry on your behalf, acting as your contact point for any safety & compliance issues you’d like us to investigate further. 

Safe Products Database

We list your products in our product database (launching soon), exposing you to new customers throughout the country.

Safety Mark

Members may use the Safehouse mark on all product packaging, positioning your products as worthy of the highest safety recognition in South Africa.

Code of conduct

The Safehouse code of conduct is a representation of our deepest principles. All Safehouse members have to adhere strictly to the code, and are encouraged to revisit the document regularly. It forms the basis for our commitments to ethical and professional conduct in the marketplace. 

Need safe products?

Our members are committed to quality, compliance and safe products. 

Our vision

A South Africa where every electrical product is compliant and safe.