What is SAFEhouse?

The SAFEhouse Association is a non-profit, industry organisation committed to the fight against sub-standard, unsafe electrical products and services.

There is present in South Africa a considerable number of electrical products that are:

1. non-compliant with regulations or quality standards,
2. otherwise of poor quality,
3. potentially unsafe,
4. misrepresented,
5. not fit for purpose,
6. counterfeit,
7. offered at seductive prices, or
8. dangerous.

The mere existence of the laws governing these products has not been an assurance of regulatory compliance, safety or fitness for purpose. Unfortunately there are products that are not regulated, in which cases there is reliance on the ethical standards of suppliers, SAFEhouse members are “Suppliers you can trust” as they  abide by the SAFEhouse Code of Conduct.

The SAFEhouse Association has been formed by organisations within the South African electrical industry to combat the prevalence of unsafe products and services in South Africa. The association provides information and support in buying decisions about the criteria by which to assess products and services, and by exposing specific cases of sub-standard products and practices.