Safehouse: Your Shield Against Unsafe Electrical Practices


In a world where electrical products and services are integral to our daily lives, safety must never be compromised. Safehouse: Your shield against unsafe practices, is a non-profit organisation, that protects South African businesses and individuals from the dangers of unsafe electrical products and services. We believe in the power of compliance and strict adherence to safety standards.  The Electrical Safety Compliance Safehouse.

Safehouse Stakeholders

Safehouse’s mission resonates with key stakeholders committed to safety, quality, and integrity:

  • Leaders in the electrical sector understand the risks of substandard products and services. Safehouse offers a platform for collaboration, advocacy, and action to ensure that safety is paramount in the industry.
  • The insurance industry leaders are acutely aware of the consequences of electrical failures and mishaps. Safehouse’s initiatives align with the goals to minimise risk, protect assets, and promote responsible practices.
  • Building safe and reliable properties is a top priority for property developers. Safehouse’s commitment to eradicating dangerous products and holding the industry to high standards complements the pursuit of excellence in property development.

A Code You Can Trust: Safehouse's Code of Conduct

Navigating the complex world of regulations and standards can be daunting. Safehouse’s Code of Conduct serves as a beacon, guiding members to comply with South African legislation, international standards, and industry-best practices.

The Safehouse Code of Conduct is more than a set of rules; it’s a commitment to excellence, safety, and integrity. It outlines our shared principles and responsibilities, and here’s what it means for you:

  1. Compliance with South African Legislation: We adhere to all local laws, regulations, and standards. This ensures that our members’products and services meet the highest quality and safety benchmarks.

  2. Alignment with International Standards: Where local standards are lacking, we turn to globally recognised standards. This allows us to maintain a world-class approach to electrical safety.

  3. Development and Adoption of Recognized Standards: In the absence of local or international standards, we actively work to develop and comply with standards recognised by authoritative organisations. This proactive approach sets us apart.

  4. Promotion of Fair Competition: We believe in a level playing field. Our members commit to fair competition, honest advertising, and transparent pricing. This fosters trust and confidence in our industry.

  5. Responsibility Towards Consumers: Our commitment extends to consumers. We ensure that all information, labelling, and advertising are clear, accurate, and in line with legal requirements.

  6. Ongoing Commitment to Improvement: Our members continuously strive to improve their products, services, and practices. This relentless pursuit of excellence defines who we are as an organisation.

  7. Cooperation and Collaboration: We actively collaborate with regulators, authorities, and other stakeholders. This cooperation amplifies our voice and influence in shaping a safer electrical landscape.

By embracing the Safehouse Code of Conduct, our members become part of a community that values excellence, integrity, and above all, safety. It’s not just about what we do; it’s about who we are.

Safehouse's Approach and Benefits

Safehouse goes beyond mere compliance; we strive to elevate the entire electrical industry. Our concerted efforts to eradicate dangerous products from the market and make electrical safety information understandable and accessible set us apart. By joining Safehouse, members align with a collective voice that advocates for excellence, transparency, and accountability in the industry.

Our Promise - Your Electrical Safety Compliance Safehouse

Safehouse’s core promise is that a Safehouse product is a safe product. The Safehouse mark stands for absolute adherence to the highest electrical safety standards. In order to qualify as a custodian of this mark, Safehouse members must commit to random product testing, self-regulation and unwavering safety standards. It’s this single-minded focus on protecting people and the integrity of our industry that makes a Safehouse member worthy of our mark. Our standards are high, regularly re-evaluated, and rigorously enforced with no exceptions. The Electrical Safety Compliance Safehouse.


Safehouse invites you to explore our initiatives, or follow us on LinkedIn and consider becoming part of a community that protects lives and livelihoods. Together, we can build a future where electrical safety is not just an expectation but a guarantee.

Join us in this vital mission and become a representation of safety and excellence in the electrical industry.